Why use CeramiGlass™ over ceramic enamel as the designs on appliance glass? 

  • Green Strength - Very high abrasion resistance after passing through a low temperature drying oven, minimizing scratch defects.
  • More opacity with less material applied - Commonly, a manufacturer can coat more glass with one kilogram of CeramiGlass™ versus one kilogram of ceramic enamel.
  • When applied on glass at .5 mil wet application, a manufacturer may bypass the drying oven and place coated glass directly into the tempering oven. This may reduce energy and labor usage.

CeramiGlass™ - Finally, a healthy, green alternative to ceramic enamel!

  • Zero VOC's - Yes, none.
    • No VOC burn off - Drying oven ventilation systems will be unnecessary when using CeramiGlass™.
    • No VOC boiling, which may cause splatter of ceramic enamel to harden on oven rollers.
  • Zero Heavy Metals - Including lead and mercury.
  • Water-Based Coating - Eliminating solvent use, with an easy water clean-up.
    • May reduce clean-up and disposal cost. Manufacturers using solvents for clean-up may eliminate the cost of purchasing and disposing of them.