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Spandrel Specification Guide

A Guide to Specifying Spandrels for Architects & Designers

Interested in learning some key fixes to some of the biggest areas specification mistakes are found in the spandrel glass area? What to save time by using an updated specification for silicone spandrel? Interested in more information about spandrel and how it’s specifically used? This ebook is for you.

Let’s face it, designing buildings is a huge job, along with that there are tons of areas where interpretation or mistakes can lead to problem. Even the most meticulous and detail-oriented architects, designers, and specification writers will miss things from time to time. It’s the mistakes we don’t see that really hurt.

This 28-page ebook includes internal and external resources as well as instructional text and detailed sample specifications you can use today! Key topics are:

  • Key glass definitions
  • Introduction to critical references such as ASTM and GANA
  • Why is component testing important?
  • Detailed instruction on QA verbiage for specifications
  • Introduction to glass delivery, handling, and storage
  • Discussion on various spandrel configurations
  • Details on key installation information
  • Information on proper cleaning of glass before installation

We walk you through key information needed, that we’ve gathered over the years, in good specifications. Click either button to get your copy.

Spandrel Specification Guide
For more detailed assistance in specifying our products for your project, please contact our Architectural Sales Team.

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