Buy AquaVue right now, online. We have made this super easy; for primary colors and a robust list of standard colors, one low price no matter the quantity ordered. Each unit is a complete liter of paint with catalyst. Need a custom color? Easy, just pick the custom color product below and specify what you want AquaVue matched to. We do the rest of the work. Want to see a sample of your match, on specified glass, before you purchase? We offer custom samples for a fee, just add a sample to your cart and specify what the match is to*.

WTJ-AquaVue - Standard Colors
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WTJ-AquaVue - Custom Color
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AquaVue Custom Match
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*How do you specify what a match is to be made to? Easy, just grab any paint fan deck and put that color name and number in the order comments. What's a fandeck? That's easy too! A fandeck is a catalog of color you see from a paint store. All the big paint makers (Benjamin Moore, Miller, Behr, etc) have fandecks you can look at. Same if you go to a home improvement store and look at the big rack of hot colors for the season. Just pick the color chip you want and specify in the order comments the manufacturer, color name, and color number. We will find it and use it to make a custom AquaVue color just for you!

List of Standard Colors

These primary colors can be used for your own color matching if you choose or used as a complete color on their own. Your choice!

  • Primary Violet
  • Primary Pthalo Green
  • Primary Pthalo Blue
  • Primary Bright Red
  • Primary Bright Yellow
  • Primary Orange
  • Primary Black
  • Primary White
  • Primary Red Oxide
  • Primary Yellow Oxide

  • WTJ-40-116 Bone White
  • WTJ-42-020 Pale Green
  • WTJ-42-021 Pebble Grey
  • WTJ-42-022 Olive Grey
  • WTJ-42-023 Pine Green
  • WTJ-43-030 Telegrey
  • WTJ-43-031 Iron Grey
  • WTJ-44-438 Sea Scallop
  • WTJ-45-522 Teaberry
  • WTJ-45-523 Purple Rain
  • WTJ-45-524 Beige Red
  • WTJ-45-525 Carmine Red
  • WTJ-45-526 Wine Red
  • WTJ-45-527 Grape Harvest
  • WTJ-46-628 Linum Ice
  • WTJ-46-629 Distant Blue
  • WTJ-46-630 Capri Blue
  • WTJ-47-715 Sand Yellow


Handling Guide

Tips & Tricks to DIY Color Matching

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