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ICD, GANA and the support of our Industry

ICD High Performance Coatings has had a long and storied commitment to the glass and glazing industry. We have been active in virtually every forum,

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Avoiding Potential Issues

Recently a report was published online by current glass consultant and longtime industry technical expert Chris Barry discussing the unexpected breakage patterns in ceramic frit

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Color Glass II

You’ll want to get to know AquaVue™…

So what is AquaVue™ and why should it be a consideration on the next interior project you look at? Well a while back ICD’s resident architectural sales guru Steve O’Hollaren described it really well on a previous post:

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.20.52 PM

OPACI-COAT-300® Primary White Spandrel on PPG Starphire® Is The Best White In The Glass Industry

Hands down, the best. Historically, clear glass has been the clearest glass product on the market. Today, we know that iron (Fe) in glass formulations

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Faces of SteveO-4

SteveO’s Favorite OPACI-COAT Colors

Looking into the psyche of SteveO (Steve O’Hollaren), our Chief Evangelist and head of our Architect Program, is not surprisingly full of color. If you

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Continuous Improvement Philosophy at ICD—One Bite at a Time

“How do you eat a bowling ball?” is a question I have often heard our Plant Manager pose to certain individuals or groups within our

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1st BBQ at New Facility | ICD High Performance Coatings

What does every good Pacific Northwesterner do on a sunny spring day? Exit the building and BBQ, of course.

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Legacy Laboratories | Portland, Oregon | OPACI-COAT-300® Silicone Spandrel

Legacy Laboratories, Portland, Oregon Architect: GBJ Architects Glazing Contractor: Culver Glass Glass Fabricator: Hartung, Wilsonville Vision Glass: PPG Solarban 60/ Clear Spandrel: Screen printed white

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Chris Passport 1200x1200

Have you met Chris Fronsoe yet? You will…

ICD High Performance Coatings expanded its Global Sales & Marketing team to keep pace with sales of Opaci-Coat and CeramiGlass products, most recently with the appointment

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ICD @ Glassbuild 2014 – “Show Highlights”

ICD showcased at the Glassbuild 2014 show in Las Vegas!

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