Primary Colors

Who can apply DecoVas? 

  • Anyone with adequate equipment!

Most used applications:

  • Decorative glass coating

  • Polycarbonate protective coating (clear anti-scratch)

  • Decorative polycarbonate coating (motorcycle windscreens)

Silicone Hybrid Coating

DecoVas is a hard silicone hybrid coating for spray and roller coater applications. Extremely durable, the coating may be applied to a wide range of substrates: glass, metals, masonry, concrete, wood, etc. 

Excellent applications for this product are: anti-graffiti (on glass, concrete, brick, metals, etc), plastics, including polycarbonate (clear or tinted), metal signage, metal rulers, store-front aluminum, wood cabinets, bullet resistant applications, transportation windows, all glass substrates, appliance glass, marine top coat (wood and metal), keyboard lettering, aluminum siding, polycarbonate protective coating, riot shields, greenhouses, wood flame retardant, and much more!

Technical Information

DecoVas is a ceramic like silicone hybrid coating, designed for spray application. This coating is an extremely durable coating that may be applied to a wide range of substrates. The DecoVas coating is a two (2) part, self adhering coating. Use DecoVas has been developed for glass and metal surfaces. It can be used in interiors as well as some exterior applications. Contact ICD for a list of approved exterior applications.


VSP-35-451 Red Oxide

VSP-37-471 Yellow Oxide

VSP-31-412 Black

VSP-30-401 White

VSP-37-472 Light Yellow

VSP-32-521 Pthalo Green

VSP-36-561 Pthalo Blue

VSP-36-462 Light Blue

VSP-32-423 Light Green

VSP-35-551 Bright Red

VSP-30-063 Clear

Colors may be mixed together for infinite color combinations. Excellent Resistance: All of the pigments used in DecoVas™ are rated excellent in color retention Pot Life is 6-8 hours and is dependent upon cross-linker amount. Open Time: Open time is dependent upon relative humidity and cross linker amount. 4 – 6 hours. The relative humidity should be a maximum of 20-40%.