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Become a Fabricator

Becoming a AFF is a process that allows both you and ICD to assure quality and consistency in our coated glass products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is required to become an AFF?
Typically a Fabricator is a company that processes glass and has either or both a glass tempering line and a glass washing system. Although our products are not fired into the glass, a company that has the investment in a tempering line will also have the investment in a glass washing system. Cleanliness of the glass is of most importance no matter the application. Often if a potential fabricator doesn’t have a tempering line their mechanical glass washing system may meet ICD’s minimum requirements. This allows those who currently fabricate only insulated glass units to use our products.

2. What application equipment do I need?
OPACI-COAT-300® can be applied by three different methods: spray, roller coat, and curtain coat. Spray application is the most common because the intitial financial investment is lowest. Roller coater is the next most common as it is the most efficient method of application and is a common next step for those who start as spray applicators. A curtain coater is a high speed application method that is used but is not common today.

3. What is the next step?
The first step to becoming an ICD AFF is an initial evaluation by the ICD Technical Service Department. This evaluation allows us an understanding of your current operations and the methods you will use to clean the glass and apply the product. Contacting US Technical Service, Europe Technical Service or Customer Service should be your first step. You will be sent a checklist of what is required, as well as important technical documents and, if needed, equipment pricing.

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