Best Color Matching In The Industry!

Ordering the right color for your building or interior can be a frustrating experience. Often you do not get what you expect and, if that sample was correct, will the batch be right?

There are a few ways to communicate color which we know will produce bad results:

  • Taking a picture of the color.

  • Sending a print-out of the color.

  • And, often, sending RGB values.

Why is this? It is because we use instrumentation and experienced eye to measure the color data. Things like cameras, computer monitors and printers are all devices that must be calibrated to each other to ensure their displays look the same.

The best and most accurate way to get the color you want in our coatings is to pick one of the following:

  • Send a color swatch of fabric, a piece of metal, and/or anything else we can physically measure.

  • Send a color chip or “fandeck” chip of the exact color you want.

  • Call us and tell us the number of the color in a “fandeck.”

The key is we need to see the actual color to match it for you.

How we can get the right color and with tight tolerances?

The simple answer is, we work at it. Everything we work with to get the right color uses precise color information. In the glass industry, as well as other industries, it may be accepted to allow a color tolerance of 1-5 on the DE scale. We maintain a 0.20 tolerance on that scale. This, partially, has to do with some products in the industry that must withstand the high temperatures needed to prepare a piece of glass for tempering. Not all pigments can withstand that. This is also why many of those products are limited in color.

It is our passion to ensure your color is perfect and on the glass substrate you want. 

If you would like us to custom color match your color on any of the widely used glass types in the industry, the best way is to call us so we can ensure you get what you expect.  +1.360.546.2286