OPACI-COAT-300® Is World Class, Here's Why

In a few ways, we are just like ceramic enamel. We both opacify glass to make spandrel glass. We both have proven records for color fastness in years of building service. We both even go in and outside insulating glass units as well as monolithic glass. We even both have ten-year warranties. However, to be world-class, you have to be more than the same. 

Where We Shine As World Class:

  • Our customers are all quality minded folks who are part of our Certified Applicator Program (Approved Factory Fabricators), not just anyone can be trusted with your architectural masterpiece.

  • Fallout Protection for your building is built into the coating, when applied at 13 mils thick. Not sure what fallout is, see the video above. When ceramic enamel coated glass breaks due to natural causes or the weakening effect of the applied enamel, it rains down on the street. We don't, if applied at 13 mils!

  • Ceramic enamel weakens glass (over 40%), it's a fact. Again, take a look at the video above. OPACI-COAT-300® does not weaken the glass but in fact strengthens it by having fallout protection built in.

  • At our core we are a company that creates healthier living and work environments through coatings and chemistry. OPACI-COAT-300 is extremely low in VOC's, contains no heavy metals, and is water-based

  • You will not find a more vibrant and alive color palette available for spandrel options than OPACI-COAT-300. 

  • We absolutely blow everyone else out of the water when it comes to getting the right custom color for your project, ensuring that color has an unrivaled tolerance from sample to batch and onto your project. AND in 72 hours from when you request the match!!!

  • Field repairable in the unlikely event the coating needs repair, able to be put on annealed, heat-strengthened, and tempered glass. And for fabricators, this product will not cause any production harm to your tempering ovens. All area areas where costs and energy consumption go up with the competitive product. 

  • This video shows how easy this product is to fix if a mistake in the field happens, again, it happens very little. But just in case. The whole lite is trashed if ceramic enamel is damaged. 

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