ICD's new to launch DecoVas for Shower Pattern Designs

ICD's new to launch DecoVas for Shower Pattern Designs

November 12, 2016

Weekly News: From Charlie Munger to New Products

by icdcoatings

"This habit of committing far more time to learning and thinking than to doing is no accident."
~ Charlie Munger


Just finishing reading a great book and I want you to know about it. "Seeking Wisdom; From Darwin to Munger." If you want to know why you do what you do and how to recognize the metal models - and build new ones - you already employ to navigate this world of ours, this is your book. Charlie Munger is half the famous duo of Buffet and Munger a.k.a. Berkshire Hathaway. The quote above is one of a bazillion I highlighted from my read.

Mark Silverberg, President of Technoform, has a great blog worth checking out - if you haven't already. A little late in sharing this as it's from a few weeks ago, but Mark writes up a great summary of the last Annual Façade Tectonics World Congress. Some really great things are growing in this group. Like, the work Stephane Hoffman of Morrison Hershfield around thermal bridging and 3-D modeling. What does this have to do with spandrel glass? Everything. Current energy modeling methods may be leaving out critical information around thermal performance in the spandrel cavity. Something we will see more of in the future. 

A lot of new things happening at ICD, most of which will have to be teased out in the coming weeks. However, we have a new product we are about to launch, and I want you to see it first. Actually, it was first seen at Glasstec 2016, but you will be the first since.

DecoVas Glass Coating (Seen Above in Photo) - product data and website will be updated soon. This is an organic-silicone hybrid coating....which means? Greater weather-ability than your usual organic coating. Easily used on shower glass. What you see below is one of several patterned glass looks achieved by doing nothing more than spraying the coating on glass and curing it. Even cooler than mimicking many pattern glass looks, without the slump oven, you can add color tints to the clear and get that colored and patterned glass look on your projects. Clear glass > spray coating > cure > boom....pattern glass. Pretty slick.

More soon....email me if you want in early on this little gem.

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