November 04, 2016

Weekly Newsletter: All About Not Weakening Glass

by icdcoatings

What you see above is our OPACI-COAT-300 Silicone Spandrel opacifier, applied at 13 mils thick (wet), on both annealed and tempered glass. This is what fallout means. When the glass is broken, the glass and coating hold together until replacement can occur.

This week we are finishing testing and statistic data gathering for work we are doing around our OPACI-COAT-300 adding strength and fallout to heat-strengthened and tempered glass. Check out this post and video: If Frit Weakens Glass, Does OPACI-COAT-300 Strengthen It?

We also circulated a very popular write-up on the differences between frit and OPACI-COAT-300

Great article from USGlass Magazine on what is spandrel was published, with comments by our CEO Kris Vockler. Making Glass Opaque: Frit, Silicone Still Spandrel Products of Choice. (Page 42)

Interesting article on the flaws in Australian Building Code when it comes to thermal breaks, such as spandrel panels. Same issues are in place in North America. What will the energy and design world do about it? Building Code: An Important (Thermal) Bridge to Span.

If you missed the news, Elon Musk wants to put more solar collectors on your residential roof. If anyone can bring this to fruition, it's Musk. We will see huge jumps in energy collecting and saving in both residential and commercial buildings in the near future. Elon Musk Unveils Solar Roof

In case you missed it, Max Perilstein's last "From the Fabricator" blog post is a worthy read. He's just back from GlassBuild and full of great news for us. Great Industry News, Great Websites & More

Until Next Week

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