ICD High Performance Coatings is the leading global manufacturer of green and innovative coatings for the glass and glazing industry. You can find ICD in Hall 11 stand B67, where we will be showcasing our flagship glass coating, OPACI-COAT-300® Waterbased Silicone Spandrel Coating. As well, we are showing our innovative glass coating CeramiGlass™ for automotive, architectural and appliance markets. CeramiGlass™ is a ceramic-like product but far from being a ceramic enamel. With zero VOC’s, CeramiGlass™ is not only a green alternative with equal hardness, but it is also a low temperature and tempering temperature cured product, making it a truly post-temperable solution with colors.

We are pleased as well to re-launch our OPACI-COAT-500® Four-Sided Structurally Glazable Coatings for glass. OPACI-COAT-500® is a 100% silicone coating without VOC’s and durability you expect, allowing greater silicone coating use in four-sided structural applications.

“ICD is about coating and chemistry innovation, bringing green solutions to the glass industry. We are excited to offer a robust range of coatings to meet every design and ‘green’ need for today’s expanding construction market,” said Kris Vockler, ICD Chief Executive Officer, “With the expanding alternative chemicals market that seeks to meet the demand for ‘green’ coatings, ICD is on the forefront of vertically integrating better manufacturing processes for greater sustainability.”
— Kris Vockler CEO

ICD management and technical experts will be available during the Glasstec show to discuss products and capabilities for the glass industry. From topics on how our products provide strength to your fabricated glass to innovative design and color for architects, we have the power to help you succeed. Glasstec 2016 will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, September 20-23. For more information, visit www.icdcoatings.com/glasstec.  

ICD High Performance Coatings (www.icdcoatings.com) manufactures paints, coatings, silicone emulsions and other chemicals. Historically, ICD has developed and manufactured coatings for the architectural glass markets, specifically spandrel coatings and interior wall cladding. Today, we are seen as both experts in silicone coating technology and providing coatings solutions where none previously existed.

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