Steve O'Hollaren is ICD's Senior Architectural Manager.  He's been featured on this blog a few times over the years and we thought it was time to check in once again to see what was happening in the world of "Steve O"

You are always talking to architects and designers.  When it comes to colors these days, which ones are the most popular in that crowd?

ICD has the capability of making 3 million different shades of color and the 3 most popular that go out of this building are grey, white and black.  Pretty boring…

Does any one job that you worked on and ICD supplied material for you stick out as your favorite?  Feel free to list more than 1 if you have….

I think #1 is the Tower 12 project in Seattle.  This has several ICD colors on it and it’s named for the 12th Man from the Seattle Seahawks. 


The other would be the Absolute Towers in Mississauga ON, also known as the Marilyn Monroe building due to its obvious shape.  This building was actually designed by MAD Architects out of China, but they could figure out how to actually build it, so Burka Architects in Toronto was hired to finish it.  ICD has 12 different colors on this project.

You have been with ICD since 2009, what has been the best part of working here?

Having come from the glass business, I was used to seeing a daily routine of scratched glass, cut wrongs, warped glass, etc.  Here at ICD you just don’t have replacement issues…ever.  OC300 is a remarkable product and could almost be called “bullet proof.”  So that fact that I sell and represent this type of product makes it very nice to work here.  I call ICD “the holy grail of the glass business” The other thing is the people.  Working for the Vockler’s, all 3 of them, work to ensure the very best working atmosphere for its employees.  I’m a lucky guy!