Pantone isn't the best color system for putting color on glass. It was meant for print color, where paper is the underlying color, or, white. But they have made a great app for picking and harmonizing color for the perfect match. It is worth a look if picking color for your projects is part of your job. Even for glass, because we can make your pantone selections come to life on glass.


The app is simple in how it's used and it's design. It was fun to use.


The studio tab shows you color schemes and ideas. While the camera icon is where you take a photo of anything you wish and the result is a color analysis.


For example, this is a photo of a bird's feathers. The circles can be moved around to pick the exact color that matters. The colors are there displayed in the bar above.


Picking one of the colors in the upper bar results in the screen shot to the right. The color you picked, the Pantone color that corresponds and various other color communication methods like: RGB and CMYK.

The app comes in several versions, one which is free and two other paid levels. Each has different levels of added features. Totally worth a look, I love the app.