Al Gurg Tower, Dubai - OPACI-COAT-300

Al Gurg Tower, Dubai - OPACI-COAT-300

Most are aware that there is a glazing method called structural glazing. There are many who do not realize there are two types of structural glazing, two-sided and four-sided. In general, structural glazing is where two or more sides of a glass unit are held in a building by sealants approved to be used to provide strength in holding the glass.

In two-sided structural glazing, two sides of the unit are held mechanically while the other two are held by applying a structural sealant (remember, not all sealants are approved to be structural sealants). In four-sided structural glazing, all four sides of the unit are held in the building via the sealant.

In both cases, the each sealant manufacturer recommends having the drawings of the project approved via a "Project Review." This is quite critical for architects and contractors to ensure the review has been done. The type of sealant used, ways of mechanically fastening, and compatibility between sealants and other components must be checked and approved.

One note on compatibility, it is important that everyone knows that compatibility is usually a product to product test and not a complete test and approval of all components in the glazing. A complete approval can be sought and in going through a project review on either two-sided or four-sided can lead to a complete compatibility check. Knowing if it is being done is so very important. Why? Because not all sealants play well together, nor do other components in glazing with each other.

As far as ICD is concerned, there are only two products, which we offer, that have one or the other approval. OPACI-COAT-300® is only approved for two-sided structural glazing and OPACI-COAT-500® is approved for both two-sided and four-sided structural glazing. Both must have a plan review submitted to ICD and the sealant manufacturer, for final approval, before any warranties will be applied. The process is simple, and we have a team of people who are very good an reviewing plans and ensuring projects success. For over 30 years OPACI-COAT-300® has been an outstanding two-sided glazing choice. And now, for over five years, OPACI-COAT-500®.

So, get out there and get your color and ease of use product to use! Use OPACI-COAT® on your structural glazing projects and have zero cares. Just call us first.

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