With every new year optimism and hope takes it's place in our minds.  But before we can move into 2017, looking back at what was accomplished in 2016 is a great exercise.  From a building and architectural design standpoint many great advancements took place and the industries that serve the commercial market continue to grow and innovate.  Let's now review some of the best of the best in 2016 through the eyes of several different outlets online.

What were some of the best buildings of 2016?

What about the Top Green Building Stories of 2016?

Coolest Buildings of the past year anyone?

The Top 10 Cultural Center Buildings of 2016.

New York always has something to look at and be amazed at- here's their list of best from the past year. 

What were the top stories in the Glass and Glazing Industry?  USGlass ran them down.

2017 is going to be an incredible year and at ICD High Performance Coatings we are going to be working hard to bring you quality, performance, innovation, and value with everything we produce.  Also please stay tuned to this blog as twice per week we'll be updating with news from our company, the industry, the design community, and more!