Glazing practices, Frank Gehry class, 5th Wave Leadership, BEC, and the future of glass is coming....
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5-Point Friday - February 17th, 2017

"Many of us discover that this control is an illusion, and we’re overwhelmed by the unpredictability of events. As a result, we become cynical and apathetic. We falsely assume that just because we can’t control the world, we can’t control our own lives." ~ Morris Shechtman

Our goal is to make this a quick round-up of useful info about ICD High Performance Coatings, the glass & glazing industry, and interesting things our CEO (Me, Kris Vockler) is reading and pondering about business and life. Our hope is you will get great value from this and want to share this with your friends!

That's all for this week...

Have a great weekend!