We are big believers in the idea of working together as a community. Buildings and the products that go into them are varied, and the path is complex. Here are a few great resources we offer to help everyone above and below us in the product chain:

1. ICD Contractor Portal

A simple and central location on our website where we have lots of great lists and documents for contractors: manuals, plans for how to adhere glass to a wall, Bulletins, and compatible materials. Lots of great info!

2. ICD Contractor Manual

Our OPACI-COAT-300® Contractor Manual is a guide to using glass coated with our product. It is based on 30 years of experience, not only in chemistry but in being leaders in the glass and glazing industry.

3. Compatibility Testing

ICD is constantly testing new materials and offers a free compatibility testing program. Please contact Technical Service for more information. These tests are a compatibility check between our product and a single other product used in a project. Want us to check compatibility with many products? We can do that; just need to ask. Better yet, ask each manufacturer for their compatibility testing. 

4. Contractor Road-Show

The Contractor Road-Show is us bringing education and support to our customer's customer; the contractor. As fabricators, you can bring your favorite customer's in for a catered lunch (on ICD), and we go over a ton of golden information. Our Tech Service staff is training in common glazing practices, some are even certified, which means these events are holistically useful for everyone. Please contact Technical Service for more information.

5. Plan Reviews

Finally, one of my favorite services we offer is the plan review. As I said above, our Tech Service staff has a depth of training in coatings, glass, and common glazing practices. When it comes to having the use of our products reviewed in the actual plans, it ensures success; we have the resources to be of great help. Please contact Technical Service for more information.