Copyright Kris Vockler

Copyright Kris Vockler

We’re all guilty of it from time to time—and, for most people, it may be just part of the daily routine—we assume things.  We can be such creatures of habit and predictability that we are often caught off guard when the unexpected happens in situations we assumed would go exactly as planned.  Sometimes that surprise is merely inconvenient or annoying, but other times it can be shocking and very costly.

At ICD, predictability is very important to us!  Our customers need our products to perform exactly as designed every time they are ordered, applied and installed—they should be predictably perfect.  For our part in ensuring this, we manufacture our products in compliance with documented work instructions, we conduct standardized quality control checks on 100% of our orders—our entire process, from start to finish, is directed according to procedures.  Even after our products have left our plant and are delivered to our network of fabricators, we have already been there ahead of them, with our Approved Factory Fabricator certification, to inspect operations and instruct personnel exactly how our products must be handled and applied.

Through all of the processes described above, nothing can be assumed.  We cannot assume our raw materials are good—we must test them—every lot, every time.  We cannot assume a given batch of a coating is within the ranges of properties necessary for its designed performance—we must test it!  Now, do we expect our processes and tests to produce predictable results?  Of course!  We have worked hard to develop standard procedures that reduce or eliminate the kinds of variables that would prove otherwise.  But we never assume!  We know that failures in this industry can be very, very expensive and we will do everything we can to help prevent them from happening!

Now our coated product is on the job site.  Admittedly, from this time forward through installation, ICD has the least control and influence over the many variables that can adversely affect a quality outcome.  While we are diligently working on increasing our outreach to glazing contractors, publishing technical literature for distribution to contractors and developing a glazing contractor certification course, one of the most important messages we can communicate to glaziers is this:  Please DO NOT assume!

What, specifically, do we mean by that?  Here are a few examples:

·      Do not assume all glazing components are suitable for use with OPACI-COAT-300®

·      Do not assume combinations of materials can be used—even when considered “standard”

·      Do not assume any common installation method or sealant application is satisfactory

Here is something you can assume:  when you call ICD, during our regular business hours, we will be more than happy to answer any question you may possibly have regarding the successful handing and installation of our products!  We are available for your phone calls, at (360) 546-2286, Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific.

Question:  How often do you catch yourself assuming something that you really should find out for certain?

Post written by Jeff Nicholson, ICD High Performance Coatings Technical Service Manager.