Copyright Kris Vockler

Copyright Kris Vockler

I am inclined to believe that just about everyone is interested in doing a job well and doing it right.  One of the ways we can set ourselves up for success is to be certain we possess the right tools for the job.  So, while we scramble around filling our tool boxes up with every instrument we might conceivably need, it is critical that we not forget one of the most essential tools available to us:  information.  More specifically, correct information!

ICD genuinely cares about every batch of coating that leaves our plant—we care about its proper application at the fabrication facility and we care about quality installation of the products on every project.  At each step of these processes, ICD delivers valuable, correct information and instruction that is designed to ensure success with our products.

At our manufacturing plant, correct information flows throughout all aspects of production—this is the headquarters of our operations—it is done right here or it never leaves our facility!  At our more than eighty Approved Factory Fabricators, correct information is exchanged on a regular basis through frequent communication, the Fabricator Portal hosted on our website and annual recertification audits at every plant.  But how can we ensure correct information is available to the glazing contractors?

Here are three programs ICD has in place to meet the information needs of contractors:

·       Single Component Compatibility Testing:  ICD conducts single component compatibility testing between materials and our products (modified ASTM C1087).  Results of these tests populate lists of materials approved for use with our products that are readily available to glaziers.  If a certain material has not been tested, we will be glad to conduct the test free of charge.

·       Technical Service Department:  Our Technical Service personnel are prepared to offer live support to contractors via phone, email and website chat.  The department also produces technical literature, instructions and videos available by email or access from the Contractor Portal on ICD’s website at

·       Glazing Contractor Certification:  ICD’s Technical Service department has recently launched an online, 30-minute certification course for glaziers of OPACI-COAT-300® products.  This course is easily accessible at from computers, tablets and smart phones.  Upon successful completion of the course, participants will possess the knowledge needed for quality installation of OPACI-COAT-300® and will receive a certificate of achievement from ICD.

ICD is committed to delivering all of the information and support our customers need to achieve the very best results!  We are available for your phone calls, at (360) 546-2286, Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific.

Question:  How important is correct information to your business success?           

Post written by Jeff Nicholson, ICD High Performance Coatings Technical Service Manager