ICD High Performance Coatings Releases Paper; Silicone Opacifiers for Spandrel Glass Applications: Risk Mitigation in Thermal Stresses

Vancouver, Washington – ICD High Performance Coatings is pleased to announce that Chris Fronsoe – ICD Sales Manager – will be speaking at Glass Performance Days, June 28th through June 30th, 2017. Chris will be presenting our recently released paper on using silicone opacifiers for spandrel glass applications and their inherent risk mitigation benefits, especially when it comes to thermal stresses.

This paper was co-authored by: Kris Vockler (ICD), Timothy Krytenberg (ICD), Scott Norville (Texas Tech University), Samir Blanchet (Texas Tech University), John Swanson (ICD), Chris Barry (Glass Consultant), Lawrence Carbary (Dow Corning Corporation), Stephane Hoffman (Morrison Hershfield), George Torok (Morrison Hershfield), and Chris Fronsoe (ICD).

It is commonly known that ceramic enamel lowers the flexural strength of both heat-strengthened and fully tempered glass. Significant thermal stress breakage in insulating glass units coated with ceramic frit opacifiers has been documented in the last few years. There is an increasing need for a spandrel opacifier that does not weaken glass, but ideally offers strength and fallout protection. Both four-point bending and ball drop impact testing was conducted to ascertain how viable a silicone coating may be in solving this problem. Testing showed that silicone coatings, such as ICD’s OPACI-COAT-300® and OPACI-COAT-500® have a positive impact on the flexural strength of heat-strengthened glass and little or no effect on fully tempered glass. Silicone opacifiers certainly do not decrease the load resistance of heat-strengthened glass, unlike ceramic enamel.

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