I’m a pretty lucky guy for a lot of reasons, but I feel particularly fortunate to have the level of customer service we have here at ICD.  Corina and Jamie handle 98.5% of the customer service and they do it flawlessly.  I’ve listed below some fun facts about customer service, as well as 5 tips that I have learned from the aforementioned ICD customer service “experts”.

  • Just one dissatisfied customer typically tells 8 others about the negative experience… just onedissatisfied customer can negatively influence up to 82 others.
  • On average, 4% of all customers ever complain.
  • Nearly 95% of customers who complain will continue to do business with you if thecomplaint is handled quickly and to their satisfaction.
  • Historically speaking, it costs five times as much to attract a new customer as it does to retain an existing customer.

So, how can you build outstanding customer service?

#1. Add a smile to your voice. It's true; customers can detect your demeanor without even seeing you. When you physically smile when taking a call, your customer can "see" it in your voice.

#2. Return all calls promptly. Each phone message on your desk represents someone whose work may be stalled while waiting for an answer from you. Treat every phone message with the same sense of urgency you'd show if that person was standing in front of your desk.

#3. Take ownership. When customers complain to you, it is your responsibility to find a solution. If you can't solve the situation yourself, bring the customer together with someone who can.

#4. Use names. Use the customer's name several times in your conversation. Repetition aids memory.

#5. Be specific. Rather than telling the customer you will provide an answer "sometime this week," put yourself on the line with a deadline. "I'll have an answer to you no later than noon on Wednesday." Now beat that deadline.

*Photo by Andres Rueda