In my last week’s blog, I talked about a project we did in a residence in Seattle where our coating was used in a wall cladding application.  I also mentioned that I would talk about some parameters that must be followed for a successful installation.  I’ve listed the must dos below:

  • Using a high quality latex primer, prime the substrate and allow it to dry.
  • Take a soft rag with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and wipe down the OPACI-COAT coating
  • Use only a neutral cure adhesive, i.e., Dow 795 or 995.  If there’s any question here, please let me know and I can easily send you a list of compatibles.
  • Use dime sized dollops of adhesive in a color that closely matches the color of the coating
  • Allow the adhesive to cure at least 21 days before sealing the perimeter
  • Never mix adhesives and sealants.  If you start with 795, please stay with 795.

ICD also has a complete Wall Cladding Installation Guide that can be sent electronically to anyone that could benefit from this…all good stuff.