As this is my debut at blogging, let me start by saying that I’m delighted to be a contributor to this worthwhile cause and look forward to many more additions into the ICD blog and with that said… Having started in 1976, I’ve enjoyed a good many years in architectural flat glass industry and during that time have been fortunate to have sold several commercial projects and even a few

residential jobs, of note.

While traveling in the car with my wife Diane, it’s not uncommon for me to scare the gee-whiz out of her by suddenly crossing 3 lanes of traffic, hitting the brakes and pointing in the

direction of a building and exclaiming…”hey, I sold that glass.”

Another favorite of mine that also includes Diane (poor thing), is walking through a crowded mall and having me disappear without notice.  After having looked around for a few minutes, Diane finds me on my hands and knees on the mall floor looking closely at the corner of a lite of ½” clear hoping to find logo that will identify the fabricator.  After locating the logo and thoroughly embarrassing her (not to mention myself), we determine that we’ve found another one and give out another holler…”hey, I sold that glass.”

The moral of the story is taking pride in your work and getting excited about it.  I really like the big jobs, but the little ones count too. Suffice to say, we can’t keep track of all the jobs we sell, but at least try to maintain some record.

And with any luck at all, the day will come when you too can say…”Hey, I sold that glass.”

*Yet, without animals possessing human qualities.