Mobile technology continues to grow and the smart phone or tablet has become a must use for more than just e-mails or web surfing. According to Swayco, a data collection firm, there’s 5 times as many smartphones in the world there are PC’s and 91% of adults have their mobile phone or tablet within arms reach 24/7. More importantly education and productivity applications continue to grow in relevance and with that in mind ICD is thrilled to have an educational offering on a groundbreaking AIA learning application.

The app is called CE|Strong and it not only features one of ICD’s presentations but also several others from some of the most prominent companies in the building products world. With CE|Strong an architect can learn when they want, where they want, with a self guided approach, all at their fingertips.

ICD’s course is “High Performance Silicone Coatings on Glass” and it’s an in-depth look at the way the coatings are manufactured, applied, and installed.

We know architectural education is absolutely crucial. Giving it in a way that maximizes the architect’s efficiency and respects how tight their available time is.

For more information on CE|Strong you can visit their website at or download the app from either the App Store (on Apple products) or Google Play (for Android.)

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