i-heart I ♥ Blogs

This post is dedicated to them.

My favorite blog reader?

I ♥  Google Reader

My favorite "General Business Blog" is Business Pundit.  Great variety of topics and links to further information, a very well put together blog on business.  The Pundits recent post "The 75 Best Business Blogs of 2009" is full of some great blogs you should be reading if you are interested in business.  Who isn't right?

I ♥ These Blogs that Business Pundit Also ♥'s:

ADFreak (Advertising)

Beat The Press (Truth on Economic Reporting, help determining what is "The Sky Is Falling" and what isn't)

The Consumerist (Call it the voice of the little guy, learn how other's are fighting back the big guy who tries to screw ya - AKA How Not to Get Kicked Out of a Best Buy)

Evil HR Lady (Q&A - Obviously HR Stuff, love her take on issues)

Seth Godin (Marketing)

CopyBlogger (Online Marketing)

My biggest "I ♥" goes to Max Perilstein of "From the Fabricator", it's a simple hold nothing back blog about the architectural glass industry.  He gives heat and he takes heat, at the moment due to changes in industry events, he's seeing more heat than normal.  Hang in there Max, this one's for you:


Finally, I ♥ You, the Reader. :)