A fresh batch of outstanding project photos just arrived from a customer of ours in Hong Kong. What I'm about to show you is just a sneak peek of a new interior design ebook we are publishing. I just couldn't wait; I had to show something. If you like this, you will die when you see the new ebook. This goes to show how versatile one can get with ICD's products. By creating single decorative art glass pieces or production-line art anyone can have in their home.

Our customer in Hong Kong is extremely innovative in using glass for interiors. Since the cost to ship goods from there to most other places in the world is so high, they are happy to share the general idea of how they do things.  What I love is how one can mix various art and graphic design styles, such as art deco and russian constructivism to add specific style to a project.











Most fabricators who use ICD's products can do this same style of work. The only key is matching the right product to the right effect:

  • Use DecoVas screen print ink and various screens to achieve the first design prints. Then back-paint with compatible AquaVue in spray or roller coater. Correction: AquaVue is currently a single color coating for glass and not a suitable back-paint for a lite already printed with DecoVas. Due to DecoVas being a modified silicone, at this time the only suitable back-paint is to use the OPACI-COAT-300 product. OPACI-COAT-300 has been in the market for over 25 years as both a spandrel coating and interior wall cladding coating. 
  • Use OPACI-COAT-500 screen print ink on the same various screen prints, then back-paint with OPACI-COAT-300.
  • Add metallic pigments to either the design or back-paint process to add incredible depth and added metal medium effect.

Often established markets such as North American and Europe can get "stuck" in producing large production runs of the same color or process. If you have screen print machine and spray or roller coater capabilities, you have what it takes to make high value original art of create extreme value added production-run work.











What other art or graphic design movements do you think lend well to this style of medium?