One of the hardest things to convey is how infinite a color palette we have.  Just about all coating companies have this, with color computer technology, the sky is the limit.  Although custom color matching comes with caveats, such as having 50 of the same grey color with only such slight variation you can't really see the difference.  Often we put out color cards or brochures that showcase specific palettes of colors, or specific industry colors; this often leads to a misunderstanding that those are the only colors we can do.  From a marketing perspective, it's down right frustrating. To further muddy up the water for some and make it more clear for others, we are pleased to show some new pages to the website dedicated to colors.  Mind you, every monitor is different, please ask for a sample before you decide you like a color.  I can 100% guarantee that the color on one computer to the next and what you actually get will be totally different.

None-the-less, check out some new colors:

5018 Turguoise Blue

Select Any Color - Color Card Brochure

3002 Carmine Red

OPACI-COAT-300/500® Standard Colors

2-9423 Primary Green

OPACI-COAT-300/500® Primary Colors