Found this link today via Twitter:; it's a call by the Window & Door Dealers Alliance to contact your congressman about delaying new April 22nd rules on lead in paint.  Why do this is my question? In the paint industry we have dealt with tightening of regulations for years, from lower VOC's to the removal of heavy metals, such as lead.  We know these pigments and solvents cause people to get sick and they technically should not be allowed in a sustainable and green building.

Why should we not delay this?

1. It's been known for some time and it's not a surprise to anyone.  Places like southern California have not been able to use certain products because of VOC's and heavy metals for some time.

2. There are alternatives that have been around for over 25 years, one of our products for one: OPACI-COAT-300/500.

Our safe products can be used in the same equipment as ceramic enamel, so why delay, your solution is already out there.