GANA LogoSeptember 19th through the 20th of this year, know where I'll be? Chicago!! Not only am I excited to hang out in one of the coolest towns in the USA, but I get to be part of another great GANA conference. Jay Philips of Guardian Industries Corp, GANA President, says it best: “By attending Fall Conference, you help shape our industry and ensure your interests are heard.”

There are some key things being worked on right now at GANA; recommended appropriate glass for balconies (response to code changes due to broken glass in Canada), realistic daylighting recommendations (ASHRAE issues), and lifecycle analysis of glass products. All are issues where GANA and its members are working to defend, promote, and lead the industry evolution to greater success. No kiddin'!

Also being worked on, a topic close to my heart, standards and other support documents that are much needed for the decorative glass part of our industry. Without standards of coating and glass performance, anyone can use anything, crossing their fingers that an issue won't surface. Yet, the issues are surfacing and decorative glass is getting a bit of a black eye.

So, join me in Chi-town for some awesome food, shopping, and history...then, come be part of shaping our industry.

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