Louis Vuitton and ICD's OPACI-COAT-300 in Las Vegas Last March, while in Vegas with GANA, I finally took some time to take a closer look at the City Center development. Wishing I was a high roller, and could afford a store like Louis Vuitton. I like style and quality, so I still go for window shopping. While walking around that day, I was looking at the Louis Vuitton store and remarked to a friend how beautiful the back-painted glass looked and how crisp the Louis sign looked. Like Steve O'Hollaren shared in a previous post, my friend and I were on our hands and knees looking for a logo of who did the work. It turns out. It was my customer GlasPro in Sante Fe Spring, California. Even better, it was my product as the back-painted glass! If you like the look of this black glass, you should see us in color. Note that the name "Louis Vuitton" is hand-stenciled, and not screen printed.

Enjoy the photos:

Louis Vuitton and ICD's OPACI-COAT-300 in Las Vegas