Today is a very good day for ICD as we announce the creation of a new scholarship in chemistry through Portland State University, the PSU Chemistry Department, and the PSU Foundation. For me personally, there is much pride in being able to do this. Portland State is an amazing institution with a very diverse student and faculty base. As an urban school, there are many local businesses that have partnered or are working with PSU for research. This combination creates a truly unique experience for everyone involved.

Besides PSU being my alma mater, this scholarship is from ICD yet in the name of my father “Larry D. Vockler.” Any of you who know him will wonder how he even allowed me to do this in his name. Being the wonderfully humble person he is. Along with modesty, my father is a fantastic businessman and coating chemist. He has inspired me and others, because of that we have created this scholarship to inspire and support others in the applied chemistry world.

The scholarship is open to any students of PSU who are chemistry majors (junior and senior only). They must also be able to demonstrate financial need and merit (3.5 GPA). The nomination of the award is handled through the chemistry department, please see them for how to apply.

Our goal, simply to inspire and support students in need, towards their applied chemistry goals and dreams.