Most of us have watched Andy Rooney on “60 Minutes” when he goes off on one thing or another and tells his viewers about things that really bother him.  I think all of us can relate to that at some point in time in our lives. One of my biggest pet peeves is the misspelling and misuse of words in the English language.    For example; irregardless, unthaw, anyways… and the list goes on.  Now, I was not English major and I have made my share of errors, however my rule of thumb is this…if you don’t know how to spell it, don’t use it.

With all that said, now I’d like to talk about what brought me to this and that is the ubiquitous misuse of Insulated Glass.  Many years ago while I was still working in glass production, the local PPG rep, Bob Stoneroad after hearing me use the term Insulated Glass, promptly corrected me and then explained why the correct designation is Insulating Glass, not Insulated Glass.

An Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) is called that because it has insulating properties that improve the thermal performance of a window…I think most of us know that.  I see the use of Insulated Glass everywhere from websites to advertisements to company names.

The glass is not insulated, if anything is insulated it’s the spacer.  I sure hope the members of our illustrious industry don’t start using the term Insulated Spacer!!

So, that’s my Andy Rooney impersonation for the week.  Please stop using the term Insulated Glass; it’s the wrong thing to do.

Photo by waitscm