In an economy downturn, one of the ways a company can grow is to find new markets for existing products or services.  Using us for an example, taking our knowledge of silicone coatings to markets such as: plastics (polycarbonate), metals (aluminum), and concrete (additives and sealers).  Yet I'm sure you are saying, "easier said than none Vockler".  I know, it's hard, finding new markets is not easy.  Yet there are individuals out there who do that type of work their whole career's.  I'm not one of them, I've spent my 12 years at ICD, marketing to the glass industry. So, my new push is to develop new markets, find those problems that need to be solved.  We as a company have a huge depth of knowledge when it comes to the chemistry of silicones and hybrid variations of silicones.  Once in a while someone calls and asks if we have a coating for this or for that and it's lead to the examples I listed in the previous paragraph.  But I want to do better, I want to become a Super Market Developer!

But how?  How do I find stones to overturn?

I started a discussion over on LinkedIn, if you are not a member you should be, it's a great networking and peer-to-peer discussion site.  Not to mention if you find yourself out of work it's a great place to find out who is hiring in your area of expertise.  LinkedIn Group: Market Development

While you are there, feel free to link me as a contact:

But if you don't want to sign up for LinkedIn, I ask you, what do you do to look for other markets than you are in right now?  Have you had struggles or maybe it's easy and you have some tips, I'm all ears.