A lot has been happening at ICD High Performance Coatings over the past year... including the move to a new and incredible building.  One of the key people in that effort was Plant Manager Jim Butler.  Jim was among the team overseeing the move and we interrupted his very busy day to catch up with him on how it all went and how it's going now.Let's talk about the move into this new state of the art facility. How did it all go and do you have everything working the way you want? Jim:  Well, moving is never easy but it went extremely well due to everyone's hard work and dedication. Everyone pitched in to make things come together. There wasn't a hesitation from anyone regarding coming in on the weekends, working longer hours and doing something out of their comfort zone. It made me proud. Being a student of Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement I will never be 100% satisfied with everything. But, it was a dream come true to work like we did as a team. Everyone had a part in creating and designing their respective work station(s); we spent countless hours diagramming, analyzing and running dry rehearsals of each station and each component of that station before ground was even broken on our new site. It is exciting to go to work every day at a production facility like ours that was so painstakingly and thoughtfully planned and to be able to exploit that to improve customer service, quality and efficiency. THAT'S EXCITING!

On the new facility, what’s your favorite part of it? Jim:  Our capacity to meet our growing demand.

You have an extensive past in glass fabrication, why should a fabricator who is not buying ICD product right now, consider doing so? Jim:  I confess that when I was in the glass fabrication business I did not fully appreciate how good OPACI-COAT 300® really was. Now that I have intimate knowledge of the manufacturing of this outstanding product, I want people to know how well it performs. I want people to know we have the largest array of colors AND the tightest color tolerance (less than 0.20 DE) in the industry. I love seeing our product in the marketplace; at over 30 years old, and still in IMPECCABLE shape. And, even more important than that, our most valuable resource - the incredible people at ICD - in customer service, color match, production, quality control, and shipping. It is incredibly satisfying to know that we're providing our customers with the highest performing product on the market.