After this epic test and post: "OPACI-COAT-500® Passes Extensive 4-Sided Structural Glazing Testing" Dow Corning issued a letter to ICD on the suitability of OPACI-COAT-500® as a substrate for 4-sided structurally glazed glass applications. This is in conjunction with Dow Corning's 995 Silicone Structural Sealant only and it also comes with a few stipulations from :

  • Only Dow Corning 995 Silicone Structural Sealant and Dow Corning 983 SGS are acceptable for structural glazing on OpaciCoat 500 coated surfaces
  • OPACI-COAT-500® must be applied by an approved applicator per ICD (Approved Factory Fabricator or AFF)
  • Quality control methods and records from the coating application must be continuously maintained by the applicator. Dow Corning may request these at any time; but maintenance and auditing of such QC programs/records is at the discretion of ICD and their approved applicators.
  • Dow Corning structural warranties do not cover substrate failure or any loss of adhesion between the coating and the glass

Truly an exciting time for ICD and OPACI-COAT-500®.