Recently, I got a chance to get out and shoot some of our projects in our own backyard. Portland, Oregon is an interesting place. We have a sense of pride in being strange. As Brian Libby shows in his excellent blog on Portland Architecture, we have a rather robust architecture style that ranges from stoic Federal buildings to new design concepts. Never a dull moment around here! Unless you are, of course, a concrete Federal Building. It's fitting that I not only run a fantastic construction products company, that makes coatings for skyscrapers and interior design, but I'm also an architecture photographer. On a fine fall day in the Pacific NW I set out to document some of our newer projects in town. All of these projects used our OPACI-COAT-300 Water-Based Silicone Spandrel for glass. A cool product, with virtually no VOC's and no heavy metals. This allows architects and designers to make the glass of the skin of a building, any color they wish. We've been doing it for over 25 years and it's as fun as it was on day one.

Tons more to shoot in town but here is a set from this recent day of shooting.