A Sales Managers task list is never complete when it comes to sourcing solutions related to moving a business forward. After researching the many ways ICD High Performance Coatings could serve our customers better, we landed on Product MasterSpec™. Product MasterSpec™ allows ICD to serve the needs of our customers, assist the architectural design community and increase the visibility of ICD’s products.

While surveying ICD’s current customer base we asked a simple question, “What can we do to serve you better?” A common theme began to emerge early on in our conversations: generate more specifications of our superior spandrel glass product – OPACI-COAT-300®. A few glass fabricators specifically noted Product MasterSpec™ would be a great solution to help grow the number of projects ICD could be featured on. This made sense as the best next step for OPACI-COAT-300® visibility.

We not only support glass fabricators, but the architectural design community as well. Architects are faced with a myriad of product choices to apply in their designs day in and day out. An important way ICD is able to meet their needs is by providing education about our products and their advantages. ICD thrives on architectural specifications, so why wouldn’t we try to make it unbelievably easy for our architects to specify our products? By utilizing a quick and easy specification tool like Product MasterSpec™, ICD is able to meet the needs of the architects and designers. Product MasterSpec™ is readily available to thousands in the architectural community and saves a great deal of time while providing valuable necessary information for complete and clear specifications.

A key function of our sales team is to increase ICD products discoverability to those who would benefit most by using them. Architects need ICD’s products, like OPACI-COAT-300® to add a color pop or harmonize the spandrel glass of building facades. Not only is a specification ready and available for immediate use, OPACI-COAT-300® can solve many issues for façade designers:

1. Silicone Coatings will Mitigate Thermal Stress Breakage Risk

2. Fallout Protection when applied at 13 mil

3. Health Product Declaration available for LEED credit application

4. Tight Color Tolerance provided

Knowing thousands of users search Product MasterSpec™ daily for the right product application, it’s important for ICD to make our products readily available for this audience. We look forward to reviewing how this course of action benefits customers, the architectural design community and our business.

Download the OPACI-COAT-300® specification document available on Product MasterSpec™

Written by: Chris Fronsoe, ICD Global Sales Manager 360.546.2286