A strategic partnership has proven to be one of ICD’s top tools when it comes to increasing brand awareness, product visibility, growing the bottom line and accessing new markets. ICD’s first step in researching potential strategic partners is to verify if their known products complement ICD’s, while targeting our ideal current and/or future-growth audiences.

I have hit a few walls in my time when trying to pursue an ideal customer by way of persistent phone calls, emails and in-person visits. By establishing a strategic partnership, the partner may already have a close relationship with that ideal customer and would be able to provide a credible, trustworthy recommendation to try ICD’s products.

Beyond recommendations, there are several ways partnerships can lean on each other. We can create shared product literature, list products or promotions on each other’s websites, offer a presence in trade show booths and perhaps even educate brand ambassadors to address the benefits of utilizing the two products together when approached by a potential customer. Although in my opinion, creative synergy is the best part of these alliances - both companies can display and speak to each other’s products, how they work well together and in doing this, they are each able to identify exciting new niche market needs and potentially partner in developing a solution.

To grow in new markets, a businesses’ reputation and credibility matters, which is why it’s of the utmost importance to strategically choose who you partner with when cross-promoting products to new audiences. I enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above from our promotional partnership with Vitro Architectural Glass. Our sales and marketing team share a supportive work-load and a go-get-‘em attitude with Vitro’s extended sales team – poised every day to promote each other’s products to our combined ideal customers.

All the elements mentioned above equate to building a strong foundation of marketing success for both companies. I highly recommend you take a moment to ask yourself two questions:

1.     “Who would be the best partner to help promote my company/product?”

2.     “What can my business offer in a partnership?”

- Chris Fronsoe, ICD Global Sales Manage

*Interested in partnering with ICD?
Connect with ICD’s Marketing Manager, Casey Anderson at casey.anderson@icdcoatings.com