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New Developments @ ICD, Photovoltaic through Polycarbonate Coatings

Exciting times in development at ICD, much work has gone into some new industries as well as improvements in industries we've always been in. The first notable advancement is some amazing work we've done with polycarbonate coatings. One of the drawbacks of the hard plastic is it's actual weartherability and scratch resistance. DecoVas has been tweaked to be screen printed on polycarbonate, adding UV protection and over a 10H hardness!!!! New projects we have started as we expand into the solar market:

  • Super hydrophobic coatings for solar cell first surfaces
  • As well hydrophilic coatings for solar cell first surfaces
  • Highly durable and reflective back coatings for parabolic reflectors

Great new product to be launched soon, just finalizing on testing and quantifying data: Energy Efficient Spandrel Line, highly reflective of IR. Imagine a spandrel coating that offers you color but greater reflection of heat gain contributing IR. It's going to be an amazing product.

As always, if you need more info or what to be a part of our development, just give me a call.