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ICD Near Launching Ceramic Like Product

It's the holy grail of glass coatings, to be like ceramic but not have to be ceramic. Keep checking this blog and this page for updates: CeramiGlass Still under testing and field trials but showing great promise. 9+ hardness but we are having to switch to the Moh's Hardness scale to find it's true hardness, comparing it to organic coatings and using a pencil test is proving not to work.

No VOC's what-so-ever, no kidding, none.

Cures at 700F but can be easily run through a tempering oven if you wanted not to make changes to current fabrication flow. No need for a pre-cure oven, no pine oils or carrier to burn off before hitting the tempering oven. Yea, you heard it right. Can we say energy savings?

At either cure temperature, it uses both ionic bonding and mechanical melting into the glass, of course more of that the higher the temp.

Currently screen print and up to 195 screen, roller coater tests under way.

Water cleanup off the screens!

Much testing to do but things are looking good for this, if you are interested in participating in field trials, contact me right here on the blog or @ krisvockler @

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