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Productivity Tip: Setting a Proper Out-of-Office Message

Courtesy "The Away Message Shirt"

I have to admit, I'm lame when it comes to letting my out-of-office message, for some very lame reasons.  Reason one is I forgot how to set the welcome message on my office phone.  doh!  Second, Mac Mail doesn't offer an Out-of-office Message like Outlook does, so I just skip it.  Even if there is a workaround to get it to work.

I pledge to do better and keep you all happily informed when I'm not going to be in the office.  Until then, join me in creating better messages.  Found this info on one of my favorite blogs; Lifehacker:

When leaving an away message, use the following format for the best communication.

1. Dates of your absence. Let the contact know when you are out of the office. It helps them decide what their next step is going to be; whether to wait for your return or to direct their request elsewhere. 2. Reason for absence. I like to let my contacts know whether I am on a business trip or vacation. A business trip means I am connected to the office in some way and might be able to respond to a message. If I'm on vacation, I'm out of contact range. 3. Who to contact in your absence. I try and leave contact information for alternate contacts when I am out of the office; a minimum of one up to as many as are needed.

Set an Effective Out-of-Office Message to Reduce Workload [Lifehacker]

Original post: Tips for leaving a good out-of-office message [Ian's Messy Desk]



Top 3 Things That Make Me More Productive

My goal with the blog isn't to constantly talk about coatings and glass or whatever the industry topic might be. Sometimes I just want to share things I've found to make life and work easier. Maybe it's a PC (I'm a Mac, so that hurt to write PC) tip or a Windows (which needs al the help they can get) tweak.