My goal with the blog isn't to constantly talk about coatings and glass or whatever the industry topic might be.  Sometimes I just want to share things I've found to make life and work easier.  Maybe it's a PC (I'm a Mac, so that hurt to write PC) tip or a Windows (which needs al the help they can get) tweak.

#1 Thing that helps make me productive, my Mac:


My Mac, yup "I'm a Mac", but I wasn't always a Mac.  Most of my computing life was done on a PC but now that Mac's have become easier to use on Windows Network environments, why not use them?  It's been said over and over, Mac's just work and they work out of the box with the need to buy less software at first, they just give you stuff you can use.  But to make it work in a PC environment, there are several things you can do (that cost) to make it all work. I use Bootcamp to run both Windows and Mac OS on my machines (desktop and laptop Macs), one machine even uses VMFusion, a program that emulates Windows in a Mac environment, but this is my least favorite as it slows things down.  Bootcamping Windows is amazing, you get a choice when you startup your machine, do you want to boot Windows or Mac.  Gotta say, my Macs run Windows better than any PC I ever owned. =\

You don't even need to do the dual boot if you don't want to, you could work in a PC environment and run a Mac on the network without an issue.  Using Mac based office software is super easy (better than Microsoft IMO), one can save in the Mac format or  in Word, or Excel or whatever.  Cross-platform, you gotta love it!!

#2 My iPhone (Wow, I guess I really am a Mac)


Back in the day, before iPhones, I was notorious for getting a new phone every six months as the newest would come out.  Not because I have this urge to shop (well maybe I do) but because I was looking for the best phone all the time.  Then the iPhone came out and I've never bought a new phone since.  In fact, I stayed with the original iPhone for like two years before I got a newer but not the newest one out, I found them that useful.

It's like having a mini-desktop in my pocket.    What did I do before the iPhone??

#3 Web portals (I.e. iGoogle & Netvibes)


This is another of those, what did I do before them kinda thing.  Before Google came out with their "widget" customizable web portal, I was creating grouped links on a webpage to have all my favorite sites and stuff in one place.  Yea, it was lame but at the time it was productive.  Then came Google and their iGoogle, where you can  add widgets to a page and make the page look the way you wanted, graphically.  It's the first big web portal I used and I loved and used it for a long time.

About the same time iGoogle came out, NetVibes came out but it was hard to use and buggy.  So the other day I went to NetVibes again and I like it way more than iGoogle so I started using it again.  Here are some screen shots, showing why I love it.  All my info; news, blog feeds, fight info, travel stuff, Twitter, photos of my son, etc.

netvibes 1

netvibes 2

net vibes 3