aquavue glass coating

aquavue glass coating

Interior decorative glass usage continues to grow. Designers are always looking for options to differentiate themselves from the masses. There’s an intense desire to get the best colors, ones that are vibrant with life, as well as being able to place a back painting option in combination with a design.   It’s with these needs in mind that AquaVue™ is the solution. AquaVue™ is an innovative and sustainable product formulated specifically for the interiors and featuring the all of the qualities that the design community is looking for.

So what is AquaVue™ and why should it be a consideration on the next interior project you look at? Well a while back ICD’s resident architectural sales guru Steve O’Hollaren described it really well on a previous post:

AquaVue™is water based silicone hybrid coating that was developed for interior use.  It offers a hard, durable finish with low VOC’s and absolutely no lead or heavy metals.  Easily applied with spray or roll coat on a multitude of possible substrates and versatility in curing options with oven or ambient cure.

Effortlessly integrates into the existing systems of the largest glass fabricators to the smallest art glass studios.  AquaVue’s™ uses include wall cladding, glass partitions, furniture coating and high-end art glass.  As with all of ICD’s products, we offer a 10 year warranty with AquaVue™.

So in the great checklist of things… AquaVue™ marks a lot of boxes. Great for interiors? CHECK. Sustainable and smart for the environment? CHECK. Durable coating? CHECK. Great color range? CHECK. And the list goes on and on. For more information on AquaVue™ click here and if you need a sample or want to talk about a project need, contact us and we’ll take good care of you.