13 mils applied OPACI-COAT-300. 1.18# steel ball. 11.5 feet drop height. Clear tempered glass breaks at about 4 feet. Not only does the silicone opacifier hold the glass together but adds strength!
Video showing how OPACI-COAT-500 Silicone Spandrel performs in a four-sided structurally glazed (silicone sealant on all sides) test. Notice how the glass pillows out. No cutbacks of the coating, it's sealant to coating, coating to glass. In fact, per ASTM and other safety tests, there wasn't a failure.
Steve O'Hollaren retires from ICD. Everyone from ICD will miss this great resource.
It's not a monochrome world, why should your buildings be? OPACI-COAT-300 Water-based Silicone Spandrel.