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One of the most trusted and most extensively used spandrel glass coatings in the architectural flat glass market today, OPACI-COAT-300® Water-based Spray Silicone Glass Coating is the easiest of all the products to start with.  Although not as effecient an application as it’s sister coating OPACI-COAT-300® Roller Coater Glass Coating due to overspray from the application process, this product is still a work horse and most often a fabricators first jump into using ICD’s glass coatings.  All of ICD’s products can be infinitely custom color matched to meet your need, all done with color spectrophotometer’s with extremely high tolerances.  Which means the color you want is the color you get.  Same goes for fabricators who order several batches of the same color, our tolerances assure no color shift will occur.

Startup is as simple as attaining approved spray booths and spray guns/equipment.  As with all ICD products, approval by Technical Service as to the suitability of application equipment prior to be accepted into the Approved Factory Fabricator program must be attained.

For more information, feel free to contact us.

OPACI-COAT-300® Water-based Silicone Glass Coating Product Data Sheet – PDF

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