Health Declarations & Green Building


Health Declarations & Green Building


Our Vision is to create healthier working and living spaces through chemistry. Using innovative practices and finding new uses for known chemistry, our mission is to create better performing, greener, and more sustainable products for industrial paint/coating applications. 

Part of our value system and mission is to make continuous improvement foremost in our minds. This means applying that thinking to making greener and more sustainable products for the markets we serve. We seek to make appreciable changes to not just our products but take the same thinking to make better products than currently in our markets by others. 

What are Health Product Declarations and why do they matter?

Health Product Declarations (HPD's) are a certified methodology for providing full disclosure of chemicals that potentially cause concern in a manufacturers products. By comparing the ingredients of a product against a list of prioritized hazardous chemicals from various sources, such as GreenScreen, Safer Chemicals and other lists from many government sources across the globe. 

The preference for “greener” building products has grown into an unstoppable demand. Healthier working and living spaces is commonplace in today’s architectural designs. Valuing innovation, responsibility and sustainability, ICD choses to produce Health Product Declaration's (HPD's) for our products to service the architectural market’s desire for transparency of building materials.

Benefits of an HPD:

  • Material transparency allows architects and designers to make well-informed product specifications.
  • LEED v.4 awards credits for products with HPDs under the category Materials & Resources (MR).
  • Manufacturers can use the Health Product Declaration to advance product development.
  • Customers can use Health Product Declarations so as to pick healthier products to use. 

Health Product Declarations

Health Product Declarations

Hpd's & LEED Documents by product line

ICD believes in being approachable, collaborative and open to communication with architects and designers wishing to discuss the HPD's for all our products. Take a look below at our HPD's by product as well as accompanying LEED Green Building Documentation.