Silicone Coatings: An Alternative To Ceramic Frit For Spandrel Glass

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ICD103 AIA/CES Course SummARY

Course Title: Silicone Coatings: An Alternative To Ceramic Frit For Spandrel Glass
Course Number: ICD103
Program Sponsor: ICD High Performance Coatings
Provider Number: 70118113
Length: One Hour
Credits: One Learning Unit
HSW: Yes

Course Description:
This course will provide design teams education on an alternative option for traditional spandrel glass coatings options when it comes to aesthetics and function. Attendees will lean applications for spandrel glass, along with the carious styles of spandrel (harmonizing facade glass, decorative spandrel and retro-fit). Attendees will also learn the benefits of high performance silicone coatings for glass as well as environmental aspects and considerations for specifications.

Learning Objectives: After completion of this course, participants will be able to understand the following:
LO1: The difference between silicone opacifiers and other materials used on spandrel glass
LO2: The environmental durability of applied silicone opacifiers
LO3: Considerations when specifying silicone opacifiers on spandrel glass
LO4: Advantages of using silicone opacifiers in design

Method of Delivery: The approved facilitator will present this course in a one-hour format. The presentations will be interactive and presented through the online Zoom webinar platform.

A/V Needs: Organization will need meeting space for attendees to gather and eat lunch, electrical power, a computer connected to projection system and/or tv with audio listening capabilities for presenter and attendee interaction, and the ability to access continuous internet for streaming presentation through the online Zoom webinar platform.

Target Audience: Architects, specifiers, designers, owners and other related design professionals. The ideal audience size is 5-35 people.

Facilitator Qualifications: All approved facilitators have been trained on CES guidelines and presentation skills. Additionally, they have in-depth knowledge of architectural aluminum, framing and specialty glazing products.

Cost: ICD sponsors this program - there is no cost for participants.

AIA Course Directory: Building Science & Performance

AIA Topic Area: Building Envelop

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