High Performance Coating options

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Which solar setup works best with

  • Architectural Spandrel Solar Panels

  • Roof-mounted Solar Panels

Product Benefits for Solar

  • Proven long-term durability

  • Near-limitless color options

  • Highly regulated color uniformity (0.2 dE)

  • Protects glass strength

  • Tempered glass fallout resistance

  • Very high TSR (total solar reflectance) rating

Which solar setup works best with CeramiGlass™? 

  • Ground-mounted Solar Panels

  • Roof-mounted Solar Panels

Product Benefits for Solar

  • Vast color options

  • Laminate compatible

  • Very high scratch resistance

  • High TSR (total solar reflectance) rating

  • Enduring color fastness

Why choose ICD glass coating technologies?

ICD serves the solar industry by providing coating products that meet industry-leaders’ demands for durability, aesthetics and reflectance. Our commitment to excellence offers numerous benefits to our loyal customers:

1. Tightest industry lead time of providing standard samples and product batches shipped within 72 hours
2. Ensures your product arrives when needed, exactly as specified
3. Our 11-point quality check meets ICD’s strict internal objectives and solar market industry standards

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