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Faces of SteveO-4

SteveO’s Favorite OPACI-COAT Colors

Looking into the psyche of SteveO (Steve O’Hollaren), our Chief Evangelist and head of our Architect Program, is not surprisingly full of color. If you

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Screen Shot 2012-02-28 at 9.16.40 AM

The Versatility of OPACI-COAT-300, Silicone Glass Coating

Sometimes I think it’s important to remind the members of our industry (and the non-members) of the versatility of OPACI-COAT-300®. Let me explain…

OPACI-COAT-500® Passes Full Range of Testing Under GANA 89-1-6(2008)

Important news that I neglected to report on, this occurred back in December 2009. OPACI-COAT-500® was subjected to testing under the Glass Association of North America 89-1-6(2008) Specification for Environmental Durability of Heat Treated Spandrel Glass with Applied Opacifiers.

All colors submitted passed all sections without issue. Contact ICD for a copy of the full report.

LinkedIn Discussion: Market Development, How To Do It?

In an economy downturn, one of the ways a company can grow is to find new markets for existing products or services.

Silicone spandrel and frit spandrel are the same thing right? Part III “Spandrel In a Vision Area”

Same use but vastly different in not only application but composition, meaning many energy saving and environmental benefits.

OPACI-COAT Vs. Ceramic Enamel

Most Overheard Questions About Spandrel Part II “Can I Put It In A Vision Area?”

The second most popular question, which is also the number one issue with spandrel glass in the field next to incompatible components in the cavity, is if a spandrel can be used in a vision area. No, spandrel glass can not be used in a vision area, be it enamel or silicone or anything

Productivity Tip: Setting a Proper Out-of-Office Message

I have to admit, I’m lame when it comes to letting my out-of-office message, for some very lame reasons.  Reason one is I forgot how

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What is Spandrel, Vision Glass, and the Difference Between Frit and Silicone? (3 Post Series)

#1 What is Spandrel?
#2 Can I put Spandrel in a vision area of a building?
#3 Silicone spandrel and frit spandrel are the same thing right?

Happy Holidays From ICD High Performance Coatings

Just wanted to drop by to wish everyone a fantastic holiday and let’s raise our glasses to 2010 being better than they are saying. Cheers

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