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The Versatility of OPACI-COAT-300, Silicone Glass Coating

Sometimes I think it’s important to remind the members of our industry (and the non-members) of the versatility of OPACI-COAT-300®. Let me explain…


Repost: USGNN “Explosive Opportunities in Decorative Glass”

Decorative glass is exploding in North America, see what these design and fabrication professionals are saying about the trend.

Bridging Modern Art, Graphic Design, and Glass Interior Design

Creative art and graphic design ideas for commercial and residential glass applications.

Silicone spandrel and frit spandrel are the same thing right? Part III “Spandrel In a Vision Area”

Same use but vastly different in not only application but composition, meaning many energy saving and environmental benefits.

OPACI-COAT Vs. Ceramic Enamel

What is Spandrel, Vision Glass, and the Difference Between Frit and Silicone? (3 Post Series)

#1 What is Spandrel?
#2 Can I put Spandrel in a vision area of a building?
#3 Silicone spandrel and frit spandrel are the same thing right?

LEED™ Certification, Green Building, And the Next Step

I then ask you, why do we not care how green or healthy the manufacturing of that product was? That No VOC coating might have been nasty to make and not only the process could harm the environment but could be putting the workers who made it in danger. But since there wasn’t a provision for ensuring that part of the process was Green, we will never know.

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